Those Poor Steubenville Rapists are going to serve 1-2 years in a juvenile facility

The CNN coverage was so atrocious. It was surreal to watch. How did anyone working on that video think that was OK to go to air in any capacity.

In a thought provoking  post, Henry Rollins takes a turn at discussing the bigger issue while acknowledging  “that the person who is going to do a life sentence is her.”

Also after watching “The House I Live In” makes me think how it’s really incredible that up until 2010 in the US someone caught with 5 grams of crack would server a mandatory minimum of 5 years yet someone raping an unconscious girl with his friend while taking video and spewing vile horrible remarks, is getting 1 year and an outcry of sympathy from a major news outlet.

“For readers interested in learning more about how not to be labeled as registered sex offenders, a good first step is not to rape unconscious women, no matter how good your grades are.” via Gawker


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