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Broke down and wore a jacket to work today, it’s here.




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10/10/10 – One Day On Earth Project

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It’s your World

The power of your decision is your world.

Respect your story, but do not let it rule you.

“You dont have patience or cant wait bounce find something else”

“To a lot of people how we live is a “lifestyle”, this thing this goal this big dream some reason they moved to the big city to get there. Whatever city you are in, Miami, Paris, LA or who basically started this shit here New York. People always ask me “how is the scene Dances, how have things changed in New York?” I dont know what people are talking about. I made it work for me. The clubs people want to go to that a lot can’t get into I’m there cool whatever. Find me at Le Bain in shorts a trouble and bass t shirt and Jordans cool. Find me at a rave with sparkly margiela shoes cool. And it’s like how did you get in there how did you get to this point? I’m at no point no moment of career success there is no nightlife success no totem pole. Whether it’s a club its a bar its a house party with no music. No matter who’s at the door. Sometimes you get in. Sometimes you don’t. Lots of times it will work with patience. You dont have patience or cant wait bounce find something else. You are not missing anything. Find something else. A dope Brazilian spot to eat maybe a rando show. You can only see anything really ill really hot if you just stop caring stop worrying about nightlife or a scene and just do you. And as im writing this im doing it in my living room alone away from my friends and my girlfriend who I was supposed to hang out with today. Instead what im going to do is catch a movie turn my phone off and at 12 when i get out of the theater turn it on and see what twitter tells me and go away from what im supposed to do.”

Via Frog @ Last Night’s Party

I had this up on my other blog with the hella sick name, but wanted to repost on here.

New York

“It is necessary to find one’s own way in New York. New York City is not hospitable. She is very big and she has no heart. She is not charming. She is not sympathetic. She is rushed and noisy and unkempt, a hard, ambitious, irresolute place, not very lively, and never gay. When she glitters she is very, very bright, and when she does not glitter she is dirty. New York does nothing for those of us who are inclined to love her except implant in our hearts a homesickness that baffles us until we go away from her, and then we realize why we are restless. At home or away, we are homesick for New York not because New York used to be better and …not because she used to be worse but because the city holds us and we don’t know why.”

— Maeve Brennan


Art Basel – December 2nd – 5th

Looking at flights, and I am thinking that it will be just about the perfect time to dip out of NYC. December 2nd to 5th. Every year the pictures that go up from friends are just chock full of tons of fun. I think it might be impossible to not have a blast and a half in Miami though.

I spent the same amount in Miami in 3 days that I did in Vegas in 3 days. And in Miami i wasn’t blowing money on blackjack like it was the end of the world.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Iversen (Miami in 2009)

Time for Business Cards

As my friend Courtney linked this morning Business Cards are not going anywhere.

I kind of thought the cellphone bar codes might catch on as business cards, but they haven’t and so it’s time to dream up some witty tag lines for my business cards.  I am thinking of making 3 different ones. Maybe a few more too, but so far I tentatively have:

  1. Overly Professional – (still not sure what to say)
  2. Somewhat funny – “Getting it done since fall of ’84”
  3. Extremely Crude – “Clutch as Fuck”